“Who’s afraid of Post Truth?” – Giovanni Maddalena (Université de Molise)

Conférence donnée lors du Colloque “Post-vérité, infox, rumeurs : quels problèmes, quelles réponses ?” (5 au 7 juin 2019 / ENS Paris).

Giovanni Maddalena (Université de Molise)

The Oxford Dictionary elected “post-truth” word of the year 2016. The word is new, not as new as its concept and history, which is more than a century long. So why all of this sudden attention, this burst of interest and concern over this topic, but moreover, why today?

 The paper argues that during the 20th century, when means of propaganda and manipulation were further improved, the concepts of truth and reality deeply changed; these concepts, despite being subjected to major transformations, have always kept a mutual recall, so as to create a bank against manipulating actions and agendas. The new cultural landscape and the new communication practices have willingly or unwillingly generated some unexpected impacts. Among the most relevant: the intrusion into the political and media scene by new “unauthorised” subjects, who demonstrated to be able to use these powerful tools very successfully. The The possibility to access and control  from the bottom of the “horizontal” communication of social media through a systematic and coordinated use of posts and messages. The risk of the growth of phenomena of self-reference on the Web, where communication takes place above all among peers and do not facilitate the openness to the other and the different. This unprecedented scene, with its new risks, poses serious questions about the fate of democracies, so that on many sides people wondered which were the strategies of resistance and contrast. The paper takes into account and critically analyses the main options available in the present debate, and eventually puts forward an original proposal.

Durée : 32min30s. Production : CAPHÉS UMS 3610

Giovanni Maddalena (PhD, Roma Tre) est professeur d’histoire de la philosophie à l’Université de Molise, Italie. Il travaille sur la philosophie américaine, en particulier sur Charles S. Peirce et les pragmatiques classiques. Il est l’auteur de nombreux livres et de plus d’une centaine d’articles scientifiques. Boursier Fullbright (2010), Professeur Invité à l’École Normale Supérieure (2015), professeur invité à l’Université de Sao Paulo (Brésil), Santa Fe (Argentine), il a proposé un nouveau paradigme du raisonnement dans La philosophie du geste (Montréal, McGill-Queen’s 2015). Il est membre Sénior de l’Institut de la pensée américaine (IUPUI, Indianapolis) et membre du conseil scientifique du département de philosophie de l’École normale supérieure (Paris).
Il est fondateur et rédacteur en chef du Journal European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, fondateur et président de l’Associazione Pragma, fondateur et directeur du Vasily Grossman Study Center. Il dirige la série Biblioteca del Leonardo chez Editore Carabba.

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